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FV432, FV432 Bulldog and FV434 

FV432, FV432 Bulldog and FV434 £ 3.00 In stock

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Laser Printed Waterslide Decals

1/35th Scale

KD-35022 FV432, FV432 Bulldog and FV434 Number Plates 

This decal sheet is intended to supply authentic number plate markings for various FV432 series vehicles.

FV432: 00EA24, 15EA32, 01FA65, 03FA32.

FV432 Bulldog: 00EA48, 11EA00, 13EA84, 16EA09, 02ED54, 00EE68, 01EE98, 01FA15.

FV434: 01ED15, 01ED80, 01ED91, 02ED11, 02FA34, 02FA53.

The striped decals are convoy markings for the rear hull.

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