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Diaerama Issue 24 

Diaerama Issue 24 £ 6.50 In stock

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Aviation Diorama CD Magazine.

Able to be played on Computer & TV.

Walk Around—Views Of the USAAF A-3 600 Gallon Towed Fuel Trailer And Scale Drawing
Scene At The Shows—A Selection Of Aviation Dioramas And Vignettes Photographed At Model
Shows Around The Country
Spitfire Fund—Tony Clayton Describes And Illustrates His WWII Scene Of A Crashed Me 109
Displayed To Collect Funds To Build New Spitfires
Le Bourget 1921— Super Diorama Illustrating The Early Days Of Commercial Flying By Christian
The Devon Hunt—Fred Martin’s Novel Way To Tell A Story Using Model Aircraft
Aircraft Armament And Stores Kits And Sets—Part Two
United Nations Observation Post In Cyprus Concluding Part —Derek Griffiths Describes And
Illustrates His Award Winning Diorama
New To You? - Regular Review Of Kits And Accessories Of Interest To Aviation Diorama Builders
Nissen Hut—Building The Flightpath Nissen Hut As WWI Accommodation Example
Variations On The MMS Crossley Q Type Truck—By Tony Clayton
Latest News From The Aircraft Diorama Association

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