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Diaerama Issue 21 

Diaerama Issue 21 £ 6.50 In stock

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Aviation Diorama CD Magazine.

Able to be played on Computer & TV.

Scene At Cosford—The Very Best Aviation Dioramas At Probably the Greatest Club
`Catching A Wire’ - Tom Wards Latest Creation.
Is There Anybody There?—Part Four—Continuing Our Listing Of Scale Figure Sets.
RAF Ground Vehicle Colours—A Special Article Describing The Camouflage And
Makings Applied To RAF Vehicles By Mike Starmer.
Walk Around Photos And Scale Drawings Of The Type `W’ Weapons Loader
Soviet Airfield Bunker Diorama Article— More Unusual Subjects Described And
Illustrated By Alex Hunger
Gunthwaite Figure Painting Guide— Al Nichols Guide And Tips For Painting Figures
Aviation Dorama Association Update
Scene At Sutton Coldfield—Aviation Dioramas Spotted At This Popular Show.
Poddington 1944— Crash landed B-17 diorama article by Dan Whitelock
New To You? - Reviews Of Products Of Interest To Aviation Diorama Modellers

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